Grow with the team

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Because technology continuously evolves, continuous learning and improvement are crucial to working at Nimble. Individual growth is a significant foundation for the team’s structure and function.

The company invests heavily in the growth of its individuals, as it is the key to its success. From the team organization to the employee benefits, individual growth is central to the company’s strategy.

Area-focused Strategy

Each business area has specific needs, thus requiring specifically devised strategies to grow the team members.

Individual Growth in Engineering

Role Transitions

Each teammate has a clearly-defined role when joining the company. This clear definition makes knowing each member’s responsibilities and boundaries easy, allowing the team to work efficiently at scale.

At the same time, roles are not set in stone. The company ensures that every teammate can move fluidly between roles. The most common transitions are:

Such transitions are built-in the company’s strategy. To make them happen, in addition to providing transition opportunities, the team built specific processes to fasten and guarantee the team members’ successful transition.