Grow with Us

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Software development requires continuous learning and adaptability to new domains and technology. So we invest heavily in our team growth as we believe it is the key to the success of the company. From our team organization to our employee benefits, individual growth is at the center of our strategy.

Growth Tracks

We have devised a level-based framework which values both continuous learning and individual impact to the team over any other aspect such as age, gender, race and nationality.

Each team member is provided with a personal growth path with tangible technical and soft skills to harness and acquire.

Developer Track

Role Transitions

Each teammate has a clearly-defined role when joining our company. This clear definition makes it easy to know the responsibilities - but also the boundaries - of each teammate allowing us to work efficiently.

But every teammate has the opportunity to evolve outside of their initial role. Whether transitioning from a role of UX/UI designer to Software Developer or from Android Development to Web Development, the company provides support (learning materials, time) and opportunities (client or internal projects) to make such role transitions an integral part of our team.