Hybrid-Remote Way of Working

Hero image for Hybrid-Remote Way of Working

Following the covid pandemic that started in 2020, we have built a new way of working around the following pillars:

  • Teammates’ well-being and safety as our top priority.
  • What works for us as a team, and the company as a business.
  • Having a comfortable working environment for each teammate.

The office is now more than a literal office. It is an equalizer of multiple conditions: space, equipment, ergonomics, internet, social interactions, family, and personal aspects. With this in mind, we have finally come to establish Nimble’s Hybrid-Remote Way of Working.

Expanding flexibility is a big step; we will learn and make adjustments as needed to support the team!


  • Each teammate can choose the preferred way of working at the beginning of every calendar year (effective from January 1st until December 31st).
  • New joiners will choose at the start of their journey.

Synchronized Hybrid

  1. Work From Home (WFH) is fixed to three days per week: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Having designated days simplifies the logistics and the operational overhead significantly, in addition to avoiding “ghost-town” offices.
  2. There are no compensatory days. If - for any reason - you are not able to work from home on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, WFH cannot be taken on another day.
  3. Working hours are still the same as detailed in the Common Ground: everyone must be at work before 10:00 and complete an 8-hours workday (excluding lunch).
  4. You might need to work from the office or a client location on some Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays. When this happens, clients come before WFH. Commitments shouldn’t be rescheduled for the sake of WFH.
  5. Our offices are fully equipped with ergonomic chairs, monitors, fast internet with snacks and beverages provided. In any case, teammates can still work full-time at the office throughout the week.


This is a personal choice, hence teammates must take a few additional terms and conditions into account.

  1. Teammates can work anywhere (including in other countries) within a 2-hour difference from Bangkok timezone (or GMT+7).
  2. Bring-Your-Own-Device is the default option for equipment. Check asset management for more information.
  3. Remote teammates must ensure that the workplace is free of distractions, and equipped with adequate internet connection and gear to work effectively.
  4. Remote teammates will assume full responsibility for logistical expenses, such as sending and receiving any required documents and gear, late fees if visa and work permit expires, etc.
  5. Remote teammates are always welcome to visit and work from our offices, but check with the People Ops team first!