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At their core, all engineering team members are software developers and belong to at least one engineering chapter (Android, iOS, and Web). However, managing a team of software developers requires a clear definition of responsibilities, structure and processes.


At Nimble, Engineering is responsible for the following five areas.

Software Delivery

As a technology company, the primary responsibility of Engineering is to ensure the company can continuously improve its ability to deliver software applications with a high standard of quality, efficiency, and reliability. As part of this responsibility, Engineering is accountable for all software development for client projects.

Developer Experience (DX)

Engineering is responsible for creating and maintaining the best work environment for its team members to do their best work. Developer Experience (DX) is comprised of various focus areas such as the formulation of code conventions, the setup of software development processes, and the creation and/or selection of tools to facilitate engineering work.

Engineering People Operations

Engineering is responsible for defining its organizational structure, defining processes to remove bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and nurturing its team members’ growth. From the definition of responsibilities of engineering roles, the setup of feedback processes, and the continuous assessment of team members, Engineering also works on numerous people operations-related concerns.


As a technical-focused area, Engineering ensures the whole company operates within the required security standards for both the clients and the perennity of the business by defining processes and using tools.

IT Operations

While less significant than the others, Engineering is also responsible for managing IT equipment and hardware.

Leadership Structure

Like most companies, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is the manager of the Engineering team.

The CTO is supported in the fulfilling of the aforementioned responsibilities and the management of software developers by: