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Work ethic is about showing up, being on time, being reliable, doing what you say you’re going to do, being trustworthy, putting in a fair day’s work, respecting the work, respecting the customer, respecting the organization, respecting co-workers, not wasting time, not making work hard for other people, not creating unnecessary work for other people, not being a bottleneck, not faking work. Work ethic is about being a fundamentally good person that others can count on and enjoy working with. – Jason Fried, Founder & CEO at Basecamp

As a team, we strongly believe in work ethics as explained in the above quote and consider it as the basis of how everyone should be.

In this section, practical details - that we all need to be aligned with - are covered.

Office Hours

We work Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00 - 8 hours per day, lunch break excluded. For individual convenience, there is a flexible arrival time from 8:00-10:00. But everyone must be at the office by 10:00 at the latest.

It’s implicitly understood that if you arrive later than 9:00, you need to compensate by leaving later to accomplish your daily hourly commitment as this matches the commitment with our clients. But if you arrive before 9:00, it’s also understood that you can leave earlier.

The goal is to have all teammates together and available for each other for at least 6 hours/day.


We use Google Calendar extensively to track team events and leaves. To improve team coordination and to always be in the loop, make sure to add the following calendars.

Team Leaves

The leaves are tracked Kin HR so you need to use to an RSS-based-subscription calendar. Head over to this page for the instructions and to grab the required calendar URL.

Team Holidays

The holidays are also tracked Kin HR so you need to use to an RSS-based-subscription calendar. Watch out for the prefix for each country (TH and VN) to know if the holidays apply to you. Head over to this page for the instructions and to grab the required calendar URL.

Team Events

Events such as All Hands, retrospectives amd Growth sessions are managed directly via this Google calendar. The same instructions linked above for Team Leaves can be used to add this calendar.


  • All leaves must be approved after submitting a request on Kin HR (in the Time-Off tab).
  • A reasonable amount of notice is required to plan and not to disrupt the workload of other teammates. In practice, it means that a minimum of two weeks notice is generally accepted but the longer the notice, the better. So if you plan to take long leaves, plan and inform in advance.


  • Snacks and drinks are offered in the office and can be consumed by everyone. Food is usually re-stocked twice/month.
  • Every teammate is allowed to bring his/her own food and to consume it on premises at any time.
  • Punctual team events are sometimes organized but there is no fixed obligation to eat lunch together or at the same time.
  • Alcoholic drinks are only allowed on premises during punctual team events.


We only work in the offices three days a week, so we understand that you might want to connect and discuss with your teammates in person. However, keep in mind that noise can cause significant distraction and create a loss of productivity for other teammates.

Be courteous to others by keeping conversations at a low noise level, and keep the music to yourself; we provide headphones 🎧

Car / Bike Office Parking

If you are a new employee and you plan to come to the office by your personal means of transportation, you need to fill in the information in our Employee Information Form.

If you are a current employee and need to register a new vehicle, please send a ticket to our Operations team. The form can be found in Help Center.