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Bug-free software does not exist. It is unrealistic to expect no bugs in an application. However, it is essential to properly document bugs when found so that the Engineering team can identify them and fix them quickly.

Bug Template

Here at Nimble, bugs reports follow a specific template. This template aims to provide all the necessary information for a developer to solve the bug.

## Environment

- Platform: Web/Android/iOS
- Device: e.g., iPhone 10
- OS: e.g., iOS 13
- Version: e.g., 0.12.0 (519)
- Environment: staging/production

## Prerequisites

Specify if there are specific conditions that must be met to recreate the issue. For example:

Use an account with no chat history / The app must be freshly launched / Launch the app from the already signed-in state with an account registered with mobile no.

## Steps to Reproduce

1. X
2. X
3. X

## Expected Behavior

Describe the expected outcome. Add screenshots if possible.

## Actual Behavior

Describe the actual behavior. Add screenshots and screencasts.

Bug Title

The title for the bug should be in the following format:

On the Homepage, the heading is the wrong font

Bugs do not need to follow the title structure of User Stories. The Bug’s title should clearly state what the issue is.


Providing the environment helps to narrow down the conditions under which developers can reproduce the bug. This should include:

  • Platform: what platform the bug occured on.
  • Device: what device the bug occured on.
  • OS: what was the operating system of the device (e.g. iOS 13).
  • Version: what was the version of the build and build number (e.g. 0.12.0 (519)).
  • Environment: was the bug found on staging or production.


It is important to specify the conditions that must be met to recreate the bug.

Steps to Reproduce

Provide steps to let the developers know how to reproduce the bug. These steps should be in an ordered list format. If possible, it is helpful to also add a video or screen recording to demonstrate the steps. The video should be placed before the steps.

Bugs reported without steps to reproduce are extremely difficult to identify and fix. It will slow down the team considerably.

Expected Behavior

Clarify what is considered the correct behavior for this feature. Screenshots are encouraged.

Actual Behavior

Show what is actually happening. Screenshots and videos are encouraged.


Product Managers and stakeholders are strongly encouraged to attach materials to help with the investigation work: screenshots, screencasts, references to similar or related issues, etc.