Nimbl3 is now Nimble

Nimbl3 is now Nimble

Today is a big day for us. Nimbl3 is now Nimble.
Carlos Herrera
Carlos Herrera
November 14, 2018

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Nimbl3 is now Nimble

Today is a big day for us.

Nimbl3 is now Nimble.

In 2014, Olivier and I started working on our first web and mobile platform as a company. We teamed up as we both always wanted to build solid software with great design and work along very talented engineers. Unparalleled Quality and Dedication to our clients have been our cornerstones from day 1.

Nimble has become a trusted brand among companies of any size, from 1-person startups to Fortune 500 companies. We grew our team from 2 people to more than 20 Software engineers, established teams in 2 countries and we have helped more than 30 businesses, some of them have been acquired along our journey together.

Nimble today stands unequivocally for product quality and ownership, which can be felt in all the software we deliver.

To reflect what we are today, we have also created a new identity.

Our new identity reflects our engineering focus, our constant evolution — which is a fundamental driver for us — and the energy that inspires us to go the extra mile for all of our clients while building outstanding software.

Nimble’s new symbol
Nimble’s new symbol

Today, we are also officially launching our Singapore office. This new location will help us work closely with our partners and future clients.

All these changes come with a purpose.

Our dedication and grit to build high-quality software will let us become the leading independent software engineering team in South East Asia in the near future.

A big thank you to all our team and clients for being with us and for joining us on our new journey.


Co-founder & CEO

If this is the kind of challenges you wanna tackle, Nimble is hiring awesome web and mobile developers to join our team in Bangkok, Thailand, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and Da Nang, Vietnam✌️

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