Cool Perks

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Work From Anywhere

Working from home offers great benefits. So does working from the office. More than 80% of our team feels this way.

To get the benefits from both options, we have opted for a hybrid-remote way of working.

All Nimble teammates can choose to work either in a synchronized-hybrid mode with working from home three days per week on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, or work remotely from anywhere within a +- 2-hour difference from Bangkok (GMT+7).

Check out our Hybrid-remote way of working!

Customized Office for Productivity

In designing our offices, our ultimate goal is to create an environment where teammates can perform with maximum productivity. Sneak peeks into our offices:

  • Big wide screens and Macbook Pro laptops 👨‍💻 plus other great accessories.
  • Ergonomic chairs and huge tables.
  • Stocked kitchen with healthy food, snacks, and drinks!

Health & Relaxation

Our teammates’ physical and mental health matters. So we offer great perks to make sure our teammates are always in their best form.

  • Paid leaves and sick leaves. Our leave policies vary between countries due to local differences.
  • All teammates are entitled to private health insurance from day one!
  • In case of emergencies, we have you covered with a Company’s Care Fund.
  • Have you ever encountered burnout during a long working period? Us, too. Hence we’ve devised a 4-week sabbatical period for every three years that you’ve been with Nimble. During this fully paid time off, we encourage you to take total leave from work to spend time with your loved ones, or just unplug from all the noise while focusing on relaxation. And of course, come back to Nimble fully refreshed 💪

Continuous Learning & Skills Development

Never stop learning. Have you seen that somewhere on Compass? That’s right, it’s one of our ideologies, and we strive to facilitate our teammates so they can learn the way they want.

Are you a listener or a reader? A listener learns best from hearing presentations and lectures, while a reader learns best from reading textbooks, articles, or even slides. Classroom-style courses do not work for everyone.

We understand that each of us learns differently, so we offer an Educational Allowance so that you can pursue your own training or education path.

  • Furthermore, everyone has access to: Pluralsight, Upcase, The Pragmatic Bookshelf, Leanpub and our internal library of books.
  • Want to learn by doing instead? Work and learn new technologies during our monthly event called Nimble Growth
  • Want a challenge with a little bit of stress? Battle your own teammates with Nimble’s Code War!
  • Nimble is a proud sponsor of Bangkok.rb, Saigon.rb and Rubyconf Thailand, which promote knowledge sharing in the development community. We encourage our teammates to hone their presentation skills by delivering speeches at those events.

Have Fun & Exercise!

Team building activities are organized monthly and team retreats yearly. Each office has its unique demography, hence we customized the activities according to the interests of our teammates.

  • Are you an avid runner? Join Nimble’s Strava and share your progress, or run a midnight marathon in Bangkok with us!
  • A climber instead? Our HCMC team loves bouldering.
  • Are you a team-sport person? Da Nang office is building a soccer team; we go out for games with other companies weekly.
  • Want to hold a spontaneous lunch or dinner? You can decide with our chapter allowance (Web, Android, iOS, and Product), and office allowance.
  • And many more!