Cool Perks

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Provident Fund

  • Every teammate - upon completion of the probation period - is enrolled in the company Provident Fund.
  • The fund work as a savings account funded by both the employee and the employer. A percentage is deducted from the salary every month and the same amount is matched by Nimble, thus doubling the amount saved.
  • The percentage is adjusted based both on the time worked at Nimble and on the amount everyone wants to save.
  • We encourage to join the fund but it’s up to the employee to opt-in or opt-out.

Educational Allowance

  • Pursue any training or education path of your choice with 10,000 THB/year
  • The allowance can be used for both online e.g. Udacity or offline e.g. workshops

Monthly Hacking & Investment Time

  • Work and learn new technologies during our monthly event called Nimble Growth.
  • The event is held every 4 weeks and lasts 1.5 days (Thursday afternoon and entire Friday).
  • You can either alone or in teams (encouraged) build an application, devise a new process or improve an existing one.
  • The event ends with a presentation on the last day while enjoying finger-food and beers 🎉.

Unlimited Learning Resources

  • Everyone has access to: Pluralsight, Upcase, The Pragmatic Bookshelf, Leanpub and our internal library of books.
  • Request for new books are welcome and reviewed on a case by case. Usually, we prefer purchasing books in digital formats (.pdf, .mobi).

Sabbatical month every 3 years

  • In addition to the annual leave days, you can take a whole month off every 3 years of working with us.
  • This is a paid leave that needs to be approved following the same process of the other type of leaves.

Office Food

  • Snacks and drinks offered in the office and can be consumed by everyone.
  • Food is usually re-stocked twice/month.

Other perks

  • Expense reimbursement on professional activities e.g. conferences, events, and meet-ups.
  • We take care of your taxes declaration as well.

All perks and benefits are provided with the followings conditions:

  • Automatic enrolment: all benefits automatically kick in after the probation period. We encourage everyone to use all the benefits but any team member has the freedom to opt-out upon request.
  • Non-transferable: only the teammate can be the sole beneficiary at all times. Transfer to other teammates or people outside the company is not allowed.
  • Non-refundable: if an employee were to decide to opt out of some or all of the benefits, the company will not refund the cost of these benefits to employees.
  • Non-cumulative: if an employee doesn’t use any time-based benefit in a year they are not carried on (accumulated) for the next period.