Sprint Planning

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Just like backlog management, sprints management is the responsibility of the Product Manager. Only the Product Manager must make changes to a sprint. If the developers need to change the sprint plan, it must be done with the Product Manager’s approval.

Sprint Schedule

We operate with 1-week or 2-weeks sprints depending on the project and its maturity.

We are also opinionated regarding the sprints schedule.

  • Sprints start on Monday and end on Friday. Not matching calendar weeks tends to lead to more unfinished work as there is no sense of urgency before the weekend.
  • Sprint planning happens on the morning of the first Monday of the sprint.
  • There are no meetings with the development team on the last Friday of the sprint (e.g., no retrospective).
  • The release for a completed sprint is done on the first Monday of the following sprint. We don’t release on Fridays in the eventuality that a bug makes its way to production, and there would be nobody available to fix it over the weekend.

Sprint Planning

Sprint planning is also very opinionated. There are a lot of Agile processes and tools that can be used during sprint planning (such as Planning Poker). However, sprint planning sessions at Nimble are kept very simple and short.


We do not pick the user stories for the sprint or estimate user stories during sprint planning.

Before the sprint planning can even start, the Product Manager must have a prepared sprint (with all the user stories that need to be worked on during the sprint). All the user stories should have already been estimated.


There are four main goals to the sprint planning session:

  • Set the sprint goal,
  • Get the whole team’s buy-in for the contents of the sprint,
  • Verify that all the user stories are explicit,
  • Go through any question that might remain.


The sprint planning session should be run with the whole development team and the Product Manager. No external stakeholder is invited to this session. The Product Manager updates the external stakeholders and works on the planning with them during the sprint review session.


Given that the Product Manager has prepared the sprint before the sprint planning session, sprint planning can be kept short. For a 2-weeks sprint, the sprint planning session should last for 15-30 minutes maximum.