Working from Home

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Working from home offers great benefits. So does working from the office. More than 80% of our team feels this way.

To get the benefits from both options, we have opted for a hybrid work from home policy. It’s not remote work, and it’s not fully working from the office. Here is how it works.

Core Hours

Before getting to our Work From Home (WFH) policy itself, we need to define the concept of core hours.

Because we work in the service industry, we must be available for our clients when they work.

While our working hours are flexible, we have a set of core hours which ensure that we’re available for our clients at the right time.

Those core hours are 10:00 to 17:00 (Bangkok time, GMT+7).

Common Ground

Our “Common Ground” still applies to WFH. In addition to it the following points are deemed understood:

  1. WFH is fixed to two days per week: Monday and Tuesday. Having designated days simplifies the logistics and the operational overhead significantly.
  2. There are no compensatory days. If -for any reason- you are not able to work from home on a Monday or a Tuesday, WFH can’t be taken on another day.
  3. Working hours are still the same as detailed in the Common Ground: everyone must be at work before 10:00 and complete an 8-hours workday (excluding lunch).
  4. You might need to work from the office or a client location on some Mondays or Tuesdays. When this happens, clients come before WFH. Commitments shouldn’t be rescheduled for the sake of WFH.

Trust & Fairness

We entrust our team to provide the expected amount of work and to remain effective. Everyone must play by the rules to avoid frictions and conflicts.

If someone doesn’t “pull their own weight” and deliver their fair share of work, their teammates will have to pick up the slack.

At the same time, not providing fast enough when a client needs us will lead to dissatisfaction. In the worst of cases, it could even lead to the loss of a client.

Being trustworthy and fair during WFH is a cornerstone to the health of the team and the company.


Be mindful of our clients and colleagues. Always be courteous with them as if we were at the office. For example, it is expected that you will always take online meetings with your webcam turned on in a quiet environment.

Working From Not Home

It is acceptable to work from a location that’s not your home sometimes. For example, prolonging a weekend away from the city (the working and core hours remain the same, of course).

However, you must have a quiet work environment, with fast internet access, where you can focus and take a (client) meeting online should it be required.


Working efficiently means working comfortably. It is why Nimble has invested heavily in good hardware (from external monitors to ergonomic chairs).

The above applies to WFH, too. You must have a comfortable working environment to work efficiently.

We know that not everyone has a WFH setup or home office. Consequently, the company will provide a WFH allowance for the purchase of work equipment.


Each teammate will be allowed to use up to ฿10,000 THB (for the Thailand team) or 7,500,000 VND (for the Vietnam team).

Note that there are contractual engagements (detailed below) that come with your home equipment purchase.

Hardware Eligibility

Team members can only use the WFH allowance to purchase work equipment that will enable them to work as efficiently as possible for the company and its clients.

Before purchasing something that is not in the list of examples below, you must check with the Operations Team for eligibility so there are no misunderstandings or misinterpretations.


The following are examples of the kind of hardware that you can purchase under the WFH budget:

  • External monitor(s)
  • Desk
  • Laptop stand
  • Ergonomic chair


To use the WFH budget, you will need to purchase the item(s) on your own and then submit a reimbursement request to the Operations Team. More details on how to do that in the FAQ.


You need to sign an addendum to our contract specific to the WFH budget and its terms of use. You also need to receive clearance from the Operations Team for the purchase of an item.

Should you decide to leave the company before the 1-year period that follows the purchase, you will be required to pay the company back in full for the item(s) purchased.

You must get a tax invoice for every item purchased with the company information specified. Without it, the company will be unable to declare the assets, and reimbursement will not be possible.

If you purchase items for a total amount over the budget, you will need to cover the difference by yourself.


Passed one year working for the company after the item’s purchase date, you will be the rightful owner of those item(s). Before this term, all items purchased belong to the company.


You will have the possibility to renew your WFH equipment every three years.