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This page lists the benefits specific to our Vietnam offices, but there is more. For the full overview, check out 👉 Cool Perks

Holiday Leaves

  • Every teammate is entitled to 15 paid holiday leave days per year. These individual leaves are distinct and additional to the 11 public holidays per year.
  • All leaves are given all at once at the beginning of the new employment after the probation period, thus it can be taken at any time.
  • If the leaves are not used after a year, the remaining leave days will be automatically carried forward to the next year but capped at 50% of the total annual leave days (so a maximum of 7.5 days).
  • A reasonable amount of notice is required to plan and not disrupt the workload of other teammates. In practice, it means that a minimum of two weeks’ notice is generally accepted but the longer the notice, the better. So if you plan to take long leaves, plan and inform in advance.

An employment year starts on the first day of work of each teammate. For instance, given a teammate joining on June 1st 2020, then the first year of employment will end on May 31st, 2021.

Sick Leaves

  • Every teammate who has signed the contract under “Vietnam Labor Law” is entitled to 30-60 sick leave days per year, depending on how long they have contributed to the Social Insurance Fund. Note that the Sick Leaves are covered by Social Insurance Fund.
  • A reasonable amount of notice is required to plan and not to disrupt the workload of other teammates. When not feeling well on the same day as the day of leave, it is expected to send a leave request before the start of the office hours - by 9:00 at the latest.

Educational Allowance

  • Pursue any training or education path in relation with your role with 7,500,000 VND per year.
  • The allowance can be used for both online e.g. Udacity or offline e.g. workshops.

Work-From-Home Allowance

  • Each teammate is entitled to use up to 7,500,000 VND for WFH equipment.
  • Check out our work-from-home policy for more details.

Company’s Care Fund

  • Nimble offers a Company’s Care Fund of 750,000,000 VND to keep our teammates covered from emergencies which might require a large sum of money urgently; we will help cover the fees while waiting for the insurance company.
  • In any case of emergencies, let our Operations team know immediately. We have your back 🙂

All perks and benefits are provided with the followings conditions:

  • Automatic enrolment: all benefits automatically kick in after the probation period. We encourage everyone to use all the benefits but any team member has the freedom to opt-out upon request.
  • Non-transferable: only the teammate can be the sole beneficiary at all times. Transfer to other teammates or people outside the company is not allowed.
  • Non-refundable: if an employee were to decide to opt out of some or all of the benefits, the company will not refund the cost of these benefits to employees.
  • Non-cumulative: if an employee doesn’t use any time-based benefit in a year they are not carried on (accumulated) for the next period.